February 19, 2010

Theologically-Minded Women Needed!

Hello friend,

I'd determined to start this new blog with greater passion and predictability than my last had become, but apparently I'm already having trouble keeping those attributes in mind.  The truth is, my life as it currently is (consisting of school, work, service and, my personal favorite, wifehood) doesn't leave much room for putting words to my musings.  Even so, the musings exist, if only in my mind, and I feel it does them no justice to pass them over in thought only with nothing to show for it.  So, here I am.

I've been trying to keep a list on hand of things that cross my mind worthy of being written about.  Some interesting topics have been pondered lately, so I hope to have time to expound on them soon...  Such as, a woman's role as it relates to theology... That's been a highlight here, as of late.  I've been reading When Life and Beliefs Collide, which at first was a bit of a trudgery (as almost all required textbooks are), but soon became a fount of encouragement and excitement for me.  Truth be told, even as a Bible student, I've never really liked "theology."  That is, I never liked what I perceived theology to be... lifeless study of some god out there somewhere.  And, for some reason, more suited to the musings of men than of women.  I've since discovered what theology really is... a life-long treasure-hunt... but not a hunt for a treasure never really to be found, or even only once found and then spent.  Rather, a hunt for something so great that life-changing pieces of it are found and put to use every single day it is sought, and every single day after which it has been found.  I've discovered theology and its pursuit to truly be an act of worship... something to be pursued by both men and women ... and an act daily forming my worship to be truer and closer to the kind of worship that God deserves.

That said, it's now time for me to get to another sort of act of worship, if thought of correctly... Time for me to go to class.  :)  But I'll be back, more musings in tow, shortly.  Till then, think about it... What role does theology play in your life?  Do you consider it dull or useless, insofar as it relates to you and your own relationship with God?  If you are a woman, do you consider "doing" theology to be more part of a "man's role", or do you consider it an active part of your own worship?  If the former, what has impressed that thought on you?

                                                                        grace and peace,


  1. "Theology is simply the part of religion that requires brains." -- G. K. Chesterton.

    Love your God with all your mind.

  2. Eric, you are so strapping in that picture! I love to find that charming men have left me comments (that is, so long as they are you). ;) Thanks, as always, for gracing me with a Chesterton quote. :)

  3. I LOVED the title!

    Theology is for everyone! If our theology isn't right, our foundation isn't right and things will go wrong...That's the problem with the church today. *sigh* But that's why I'm praying and teaching as God gives me opportunities to do so.

    I don't know how often I'll get over here but will try to check it periodically.

    Christ's blessings,

  4. I also loved the title and I love theology. I also have a blogspot, obviously. :-)