July 20, 2010

Glendalough or Bust!

Has a week passed already?!?  Well, as I promised, here I am for the second stop of our tour of the Emerald Isle, the delightful Wicklow Mountains, in which was nestled Glendalough, which means "valley between two lakes" (Carrie's rough translation).  I'd intended to give you one post full of all my Glendalough pictures, but our time there happened to be jam-packed full of photo ops, so I'm going to have to split this into two separate posts.  So, off we go!!!

Eric "driving" our cute little Nissan.  See that scratch on the bottom right corner?  Well, thankfully, that was already there when we got it, I'm sure to cover up the dent we were destined put on the car our very first day...

Ah!  We survived!!!

This is St. Kevin's Monastery, our first stop in Glendalough.


Over there is St. Kevin's Church

Same church, different angle.

One Celtic Cross to rule them all!

You didn't think you'd get a tour without any history, did you?!

Love, I want this on my grave stone. :)

Looks like pink broccoli, yes, but still somehow photogenic.

Ferns!  They're everywhere, I swear!

Ah, the sacred ice cream cone shop...

Well, that was lovely, yes?  Time for another drive...

I saw these guys on the side of the road and had to pull over!  I think they liked being fawned over.  

You won't get through my posts without at least one "awwww" moment. :)

We saw a lot of signs like this.  Good thing, too...

'Cause we really needed to slow down to take in this view.

OK, enough of that!  Warp speed, Mr. Data!

Thankfully, St. Kevin's Kitchen wasn't our only encounter with inappropriate commercialism.
This one was waaaayyyy better.

So that does it!  Our third day in Ireland and first day in the Wicklow Mountains has come to an end (with beyond delicious Guinness Stew, which unfortunately I was too tired to take a picture of).  Tune in next time for our fourth day, which consisted of a picturesque drive, wayward sheep, and a Victorian garden lover's dream.  Thanks so much for coming by, and for your comments on the last post; They definitely gave me the motivation to make this one!  Slainte!


  1. How was driving on the left? Was it a big adjustment, or did you guys adapt quickly?

  2. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing again!!!

  3. These are such beautiful pictures! They make me feel so peaceful . . .

  4. Chris, the first day was quite stressful (like I said, we put a nice little dent in it on our first drive!), but by day three-ish, I'd say it was pretty easy. I actually scared myself when we got back to Chicago and I tried to drive on the left a few times... :) Thanks for your comments, friends!