January 24, 2011

A Picture A Day If I Got One, And I Did.

With the new year still somewhat fresh, resolutions are still squirming sneakily into my life, tantalizing me with their promises of A Better Me.  One such resolution which several of you bloggers out there are apparently taking on is the incredible task of posting "A Picture A Day."  It's a superb idea, giving the bold resolver the chance not only to hone her photography skills and make regular posts, but also capture unique moments that will never quite happen the same way again.  Well, all I gotta say to that blogger is, more power to ya!  As that is a resolution I'd be sure to break, my version of the story is, "A Picture A Day If I Got One."  Thankfully, today I did.  And this is it:

These were pert near the most beautiful and delicious cookies I've ever baked.  Their creation was made possible by Jenna, who lovingly bestowed upon me, thy humble servant, a gift beyond the thanks I could return: a new KitchenAid mixer!  It was a gift she received when she won a weekend with the Pioneer Woman(!!!), and as she already had one, she graciously paid it forward to this undeserving but eager baker.  These cookies were the first product of that beautiful machine, and they shall henceforth be forever etched in my memory as gloriously tasty.

Jenna, I promise with all that is within me to prove myself worthy of this thrilling gift!!!


  1. Wow, that's SUPER exciting!!! I love the RED!

  2. The mixer is gorgeous, and I can only imagine how tasty those cookies must be. Love you!!

  3. Wow, I love the red kitchenaid mixer (I got one last year, which pretty much made my decade), and I love the picture. Please keep posting them every day you do take them.=)

  4. I LOVE my KitchenAid Mixer! I can't wait to get it out when we move into Beit-Shalom!

    Those cookies sure DO look yummy! :-)