February 28, 2011

Oh, how I need...

Last Friday night, backed by four of Chicago's finest jazz musicians, I had the privilege of performing a classic at HTC's annual "Jazz and Java" concert.  Thanks, fellas, for making me sound like I actually knew what I was doing.  And thank you, Gershwin brothers, for being both untouchable and totally accessible at the same time.  
Jazz love abounds.

Piano: Ben Lynerd, Bass: Jonathan Gilley, Drums: Erik Montzka, Vibes: Stephen Lynerd

Man Behind the Camera: Someone to Watch Over Me (a.k.a. Eric)


  1. It was a beautiful performance of a beautiful song. In fact, I've been humming it here in the office all morning. =)

  2. Thank you, Jenna! I'm so glad you and A could be there. It was delightful to have a face in the crowd which I could look to for a surge of confidence. I remember looking at you during "I know I could always be good" and remembering your comment on my jazz "attitude", which resulted in the sly spunk with which I sang that line. :)