March 18, 2011

World's Cutest Pazdziora Turns One!

It's true. Yesterday was Fern Rose's birthday and as her doting aunt, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show off the cutest Pazdziora in the world. Just look at those chubby cheeks, those searching eyes, and I defy you to tell me there is another!

Remember, Fern's the one on the left.  Yeah, now I defy you!

Like every other intelligent baby, Fern likes to hear the Belly Button Book.  "Be bo!"

She also enjoys the company of others, especially their fingers.

I almost can't stand how cute she and Eric are together.  
Makes me wanna... ::clears throat:: Moving on...

Like her namesake, she's a young girl who -- I can already tell -- will thoughtfully and passionately defend the weak and fight for good.  Can't you see that in her eyes?

But like I said, she's one now.  The big one point zero.  So I suppose she's grown up a bit since we last saw the wee thing, due to a ginormous pond between us.  Her lovely parents keep us in the loop, though.  
Lately she's been laughing at plates...

and swallowed by drinks...

Oh my word.  I must see this young thing soon!  We miss her whole family so much...

Happy Birthday, Fern!  We miss you and your Mommy and Daddy so! 


  1. Well, as good blog-friends with Mr. Pond, I've heard these names but never seen pictures. Very fun! She is an astonishingly cute little baby. :)

  2. Okay, but she's only the world's cutest Paz until another certain baby Paz joins planet earth. =)
    I love the picture of her laughing at the plate and being swallowed by that cup! Oh, oh, oh.

  3. Indeed she is, former Jenna.

    Maybe so, latter Jenna, but at the rate we're going, that'll probably be her brother or sister, not her cousin! ;)