August 12, 2011

Bedroom Bliss

The first installment in a home tour series I think I'll call "Our Nookie Nest" or "Our Crampy Cranny."

For my 25th birthday last October, Eric bought for me what I'd been longing the past four years to buy:  Bedroom Furniture.  We'd avoided this rather costly purchase for the first few years of our marriage because, well, we were poor and barely able to feed ourselves on Aldi fare, and because we weren't sure what the next few years would bring.  If we ended up oversees for any extended period of time -- for grad school or missions or whatever -- we didn't want to have to pawn off on Craigslist such an important (read: expensive) purchase.  Plus, it was my own silly, outward-focused judgement that made me think that I should focus on decorating the "public" parts of our little home -- the rooms that our guests would see.  This meant that, when I went on my little interior decorating sprees, our poor bedroom always got neglected.  So, at least in our bedroom, we managed four years of marital bliss on free hand-me-down dressers and the metal frame that came with our mattress.  

Eric -- thoughtful man that he is -- knew that this was a big dream of mine, though, to have matching furniture (oh, rapturous thought!).  So last year -- since we'd saved up enough, didn't have any major move plans coming up, and were able to find a furniture discount store with just the kind of bedroom set I'd always wanted -- he decided to splurge a bit for his little wifey.  Ever since then, my mother (who hasn't been able to visit us in Chicago since my graduation in May 2010) has dropped the hint once a month or so for me to display some pictures of my "new" bedroom here on my little ol' blog.

So, Ma, this one's for you.  :)

First, though, lest any of you read this and subsequent "Our Nookie Nest" / "Our Crampy Cranny" posts and come away with the idea that I'm some Domestic Diva, let me just set the record straight.  I cannot sew or knit, and although I once crocheted a scarf for Eric (before we were married, when I was still wooing him* ;), I couldn't tell you the first move if I tried to do it again today.  I'm not all that great in the kitchen, either.  Yes, I can follow instructions and can therefore cook one darn good meal if I have a good recipe, but most days I just don't feel like cooking.  Keeping my home clean is another trouble point, and almost always happens only because I know someone is coming over that evening (or because I am planning to take pictures).  ::whew::  Now that the air is clear of all housewifely expectations, let us begin...

Come on in, but don't make yourself too comfortable!
Here's our bedroom in "natural" light 
(um, OK, plus twinkle lights):

And here it is in the unnatural variety.

The bedroom set came in three parts.  Obviously, the bed...
(And yes, that is my "secret" stash of Irish chocolate leaning against the bedside.)

the chest of drawers / mirror...

... and the dresser.  Cat scratches and all.

Or is this the chest of drawers, and the other was the dresser?
The world may never know.

Here are some pictures for perspective:

Please ignore the very crowded "work area."
Really, does anyone's desk not have a pile of junk (and very important) mail attempting to hide away?  And for that matter, does anyone actually use their desk for desk-related activities like writing and reading and such, anyway?!?
Just pretend this is where the compositional genius happens, and I won't bother to correct you.
And now back to pretty things, like my gorgeous husband.

... and our pretty wedding picture that our cat got jealous of and decided to smash onto the floor.

And here's my home beautifying tip of the day: sheer curtains.
It was really amazing how much softening they brought to the room.
Though, putting them right beside the scratching post may have been a bad idea...

OK, that's it.  Now get outta my bedroom!!!


Stay tuned for my next home tour: Our Brimming Bookshelves
That may sound boring, but believe me -- it's epic.


*I'll buy you a coffee if you know this reference.


  1. Loved this, Carrie. It made me smile... :)

    Looking forward to the brimming bookshelves post!

  2. I love the Jane Austen feel--and the hat on the door...ohhh (sigh). :) I also loved the welcome to come in and get out! lol

  3. Lovely! And I like the "very crowded 'work area.'" It reminds me of certain places in my own 'appy 'ome.

    Sheer curtains are the best. And--housekeeping tip from the moving process--having cardboard boxes around seems to distract the cat from scratching the furniture. (The scratching post we got Maia--not so much.)

    Congratulations on the pretty new matching furniture! :)

  4. I love that the cat got jealous of your wedding picture and knocked it on the floor...

    So, the wooing reference could be to innumerable things; or are you just asking if we know the definition of "wooing"? Or is it the scarf you're talking about? I love coffee, and especially coffee that other people buy me, so that's why I'm asking.

    PS - we're coming to your show this Saturday!

  5. I love your bedroom! It looks gorgeous. I've followed the same strategy (decorating "public" places first) but at some point soon-ish (maybe after our next move) I totally want to prettify our bedroom and get some matching furniture for it. Heck yeah.
    P.S. Can't wait to hear about the brimming bookshelves, since I can totally relate.


    Just found out about this through Andrew Peterson, the Square Pegs and the Rabbit Room. You should check it out - might help out with that little CD everyone keeps asking for...