September 14, 2011


No, I don't mean the actual keeping of my actual house.  That is the stuff of legends.  I just have a philosophical question for those faithful few who visit my tiny nook in this corner of the www.  And that is this:

Can you see the blue/brown damask wallpaper on either side of this page?

OK, maybe not the mind-blowing question you were expecting.  But insofar as it has to do with perception and points of view (heh) I stand by my calling it "philosophical."  I, for one, have to zoom out my screen from its normal "zoom" to see it.  Zoom, I tell you!  Which, now that I think about it, sounds like a fun thing to do.  But in this case... I digress.

Anywho.  I consider that damask wallpaper essential to the experience of my blog.  That's right, essential.  It colors everything about this page.  Paints my more difficult posts a shade cheerier and my silly posts a shade more serious.  And as it is my dearest determination to start blogging more regularly again (again, heh), I want to make sure everyone else sees things the way I do (why else would I blog???).  If that requires a little tweaking of the template, so be it.



  1. A tapestry in the making... blog away, dear Carrie! :)

  2. I normally read your blog with the window smaller, in which case I don't see it (ach!) . . . but when I expand the window, it's there in all its beauty.
    I totally want some accent pillows in that pattern.

  3. It comes through in all it's glory on my screen!

  4. Here it is!! Keep using it to shade your posts. :)

  5. I'm on my phone and do NOT see it, even when I expand the screen and make the words too smal to read. But I miss a lot when looking at things on my phone.

  6. Two and one-half inches of Victorian wallpaper (that which would be found in a home with hardwood floors and crown moldings) adorn either side of your musings, meanderings, and ponderings, and greet me each time I open your blog. How wonderful to know that the person whose online home looks so well cared for also shares her beautiful heart.

    Caring so much for how you present things gives me renewed hope to do the same. While still considering layout of my coming blog, of one thing I'm certain: it's name. Aslan's Fire has been my e-mail moniker since I stepped onto this world stage and will be the blog name too, because relationship with that not-safe-but-good Savior informs all I am and do.

    All of Heaven's best to you and yours,

  7. Thanks for your input, everyone! Glad to know it's there for most of you. :)

    Margret, you are too kind! Looking forward to checking out Aslan's Fire once it's live -- Do let me know when that happens! Great name. :)