December 9, 2011

An Ornamental Christmas

One of the most exciting parts of Christmas for me -- besides delicious homemade goodies, fragrant pine wreaths, slow-burning red candles and mischievous elves hiding throughout our home -- is decorating the tree.  To be honest, I couldn't even wait until after Thanksgiving this year to get our tree up and decked out.  Thankfully, Eric and I both came into marriage with pretty big collections of ornaments.  And, sure, most of them are from our childhood and therefore make our tree seem less "mature" than perhaps the average childless adult's Christmas tree.  But since Christmas is all about children, childish things and child-like joy, I think it's perfectly appropriate.  (If that sounds too consumeristically child-centric, consider the point of Christmas: a child.)  Anyway, I decided, just for fun, to share with you some of the ornaments that give me such delight throughout this season.  (Forgive some of the blurry ones... low lighting and all...)  Here they be:

How true this is?  Too true.

Couldn't resist this Irish lass & her cottage!

I don't remember how I acquired this star... a teacher gave it to me, maybe?  Help, Ma?

Cinderella's castle, which I got last year when we spent Christmas at Disney World.  Magical times.  :)

This is actually a pin, not an ornament, but I put it up anyway to represent my beloved home state, North Carolina.

Another home-made ornament.  Burt's Bees: my lifeline.

I believe we got this one a few years ago in celebration of Eric's first composition publication.  
Yay, Eric!

I love him, by the way.  

Ah... and gotta love that mean old Mr. Grinch!

Don't do the math, please.

We picked up this while visiting the enchanting Smokey Mountains this past summer.

Dancer was always my favorite ornament to put up, as a child, and remains an absolute favorite.

What five-year-old wouldn't adore "The Littlest Angel"?

Another childhood favorite: The Old Lady in the Shoe

OK, we're not really spending Christmas in Ireland.  Not this Christmas, anyway...
(More on that later!)

This is a series of "Curious Kittens" I got throughout a cat-loving phase of my childhood.

Of course, real kittens don't get into any trouble whatsoever, right Ellie?

Eloise, you stop licking the tree this instant!
Yes, as charming as it would be, Ellie spends very little time around Christmas doing this:

... and much more time doing this:

and this:

Nevertheless, we're somehow able to retain a somewhat in-tact tree.
(As long as we keep a water bottle nearby to keep the naughty cat from eating it to pieces.)

Merry Christmas!!!
What is your favorite ornament?  Do tell!


  1. Thanks for sharing your cute Christmas tree photos! :) I have one of those round "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments dated just a few years after yours... Cute! I love our ornaments... one of my favorites is our Starbucks tall Christmas cup ornament from when Rich worked at Starbucks for 4 years... Its a reminder of all the nights he (and I, if I wanted to see him!) spent at Starbucks... Thank you Starbucks for paying our way through Moody! :)

  2. Carrie, this was such a joyful post -- so fun to "see" your ornaments and the history behind them. (Beautiful tree, too!) My favorites are the ones that have been given to me over the years -- our family decided to forego gifts & do an ornament exchange instead. Since our tree is tiny (3 feet tall), I hang them all over the house!

  3. I love your tree! It makes me actually (maybe) want to have a real tree. Maybe. And I need to look at your ornaments more closely next time I'm at your place.
    And as for that naughty Ellie, all I can hear is Adam's voice singing "vampire blood runs through her veins" to the tune of "Eloise."

  4. Oh my goodness, your tree is delightful! Your apartment looks so cozy and urban and beautiful. I am very impressed. And I love your ornaments. The are beautiful. In other news, I do not actually remember a single ornament from my childhood, other than crumbled popsicle sticks with glitter on them. There was sort of a generalized roar of chaos around the tree decorating time, what with the nine children. I am sure some of my other sisters remember it in more detail though. -kate