February 9, 2012

Ze lieder learns to delegate...

"God and other artists are always a little obscure.
-- Oscar Wilde

I'm feeling this is particularly true about me lately.  Thornfield was so busy with monthly gigs last year, including a pretty intimidating one in December, so I felt it was necessary to take a little winter hiatus.  Well, winter's been mild and short in Chicago, and I'm aching to get back into the swing of music and all that jazz.  Literally.

But here's the thing: I'm not administrative.  At all.  And unfortunately, success in the business of music -- as is true with success in any other business -- requires good management.  But as Jenna & Eric have dubbed me "ze band lieder" and as I've heard that one of the best qualities in a leader is the ability and willingness to delegate, well, here I am before you.  Delegating.  To you.  Yes.  You.

Here's what we need you to do, if you're able: 
- Listen to some of our live recordings here and watch our videos here.
- Like them.
- Never mind point above ~ Please like them only if you're inclined to like them.
- Share them with your friends.
- Donate to the "tip top" (on site's sidebar) to help us raise funds for recording a marketable album, if you're able to.  We've been wanting to do this for nearly a year now, and we feel it's imperative that this happens very soon so that we can have something to give back to all our wonderful fans.
- Suggest any venues in Chicagoland (or, if you think you can round up enough friends to attend, elsewhere).
- Like us on facebook (here) and share our page with your friends.
- If you have administrative or artistic gifts that could contribute to Thornfield's well-being, please don't hesitate to offer them.  We welcome all help we can procure!  If you enjoy designing posters, if you like calling venues to book gigs, if you live for organizing events that bring artists and art-lovers together, if you would love take a few pictures or record a few videos... These are all things that we need and, frankly, things that I'm just no good at.  I would love to be able to focus on creating and perfecting good music, and distractions like business keep that from happening, I'm sorry to say.
- Above all, we cherish your support, and I don't mean simply financially.  To see some of the same faces at gig after gig has been such a truly heartening and encouraging thing.  Thank you, so very much!  I'm in process of working on a press kit to secure some more gigs very soon, so please continue your support by bringing your classy selves to them!  :)

taken by our most devoted fan & roadie (who happens to be Jenna's hubby), Adam Plaiss

So there it is.  Now I'm finally a true lieder.  

On behalf of Thornfield, je t'aime!


  1. Liked you on Facebook! (Liked your post on Facebook, too!) You are an effective lieder, Carrie -- even when you don't like to be. :)

  2. Although I've never visited your blog before, I feel like I already know you a little through Jenna! I already like you on facebook and wanted to like the vids but I couldn't figure out how to do it (I'm a technologically deficient 80-year-old living in a 30-year-old body. Help!). I saved them to "watch later" so I could access them again on my youtube channel, which I'm able to hit "like" on as much as I please. :) I love your voice, Carrie, it's beautiful!

    Anyway, I'm visiting because I wanted to invite you to Jenna's virtual baby shower. I figure you'll be going or throwing a real one and might not be interested, but I couldn't NOT invite her bestie. Email me at vraklis@yahoo.com and I'll give you all the details.