March 29, 2010

Dancing the Night Away, Jane Austen Style...

Hello friend,

As was to be expected, scholastic pursuits and other inconveniences (such as a recent, frustrating lack of Internet at home) have kept me from writing to whom I most want: you!  But I have found a few minutes of time wherein I can do so, so here I am again.  Thanks to you for being here too.  :)

This past weekend, Eric and I had the best date ever.  Really.  I have a friend, Emily, who happens to have an even more acute love for the literature of Jane Austen than I.  (Yes, it's possible!)  And through her, I discovered the geekiest, most wonderful world of other lovers of the Regency Period (late 1700's / early 1800's).  On Saturday, thanks to Emily and all these other crazy, lovely people, I attended my first ever Regency Exhibition Ball.  That's right: I dressed up as if I were Elizabeth Bennet herself, with the proper clothing, hair and all (and even got Eric into a pair of homemade breeches!), and attended a ball complete with old English country dances taught by Glen Morningstar and lovely, authentic music played by the Olde Michigan Ruffwater Stringband.  So fun!!!  As uncoordinated as we are, E and I had the most wonderful experience, and have decided to make this our odd hobby.  I still giggle when I think about our experiences... the awkward learning of new steps... the strange but fun dancing with people I'd never met... the Doctor Who lookalike (who thought Eric was a Doctor Who lookalike too!)...  This experience was far superior to any High School prom or Junior/Senior banquet we'd ever attended, way more wholesome than the former and incredibly more diverting than the latter.  Sure to become a regular event for us!

I'm sure more pictures will come as I get to see them, but for now I thought it was proper to at least include a few for your entertainment.  :)

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pazdziora

Emily and I checking out her pictures (which I'll post when I get them!)

Beautiful detailing on the dress Emily made (she let me borrow)

Regency Love :)

Again, I'll post more pictures later as I get them (Emily got a lot of good ones!).  Suffice it to say, this was a wonderful, fun evening, and I cannot wait to do this again!


  1. I'm so jealous. I wish I was there to experience that with you. Although I am not a dancer I still would have enjoyed dressing up like Elizabeth Bennet or Emma. I've always wanted to experience England in the 1800s. You will have to post more pictures. I'm loving that dress. I also wish you would have taken a picture of the Doctor Who fellow. If he truly does look like David Tennant I would have been flabbergasted. I always thought David Tennant as a charming man. :)

  2. Well Carrie, thank you for that beautifully written synopsis of your Regency experience. And what a fun "odd" hobby. I've only recently become a fan of Jane Austen, I'm ashamed to say, having received my BA in English lit and history. My love was and is British lit, but oddly, never studied Austen. Must have just skipped right over. My concentration was in the Renaissance, but I also loved the Romantic poets and the Christian writers of the Victorian period like Newman and Carlyle. I must read more Austen! Thanks to Eric for directing me to your blog. I'm an old friend of your very dear mother-in-law, the sweetest lady I've ever known. I will be sure to follow you on Facebook as a fan. God bless.
    Elizabeth Lyke