March 9, 2010

Friends on Dover Street

Every Wednesday night, Eric and I venture up to the North side of Chicago to visit some dear friends and talk about God's word and how it speaks into and changes our lives.  Although we've only known some of these people for a very short time, I feel so close to them and honored to call them my brothers and sisters in Christ.  They've been used by God to encourage me, to enlighten me, and to shape me more into the image of Jesus.  I'm SO thankful for them!

My Awesome Community Group
left to right, standing:
Donggee, Joe, David (our fearless leader :), Adam, Nemiah
sitting: Eric, Beth, me, Kathy and Jenna

And now the inevitable band photo...

See how cool we are?

Thank you, Jesus, for these wonderful friends!

Photos courtesy of my friend Jenna Satterthwaite, far right in top photo, who unfortunately didn't get into the "Action Shot" because she was just testing the camera then!  Who knew that picture would come out so cool?!  :)


  1. Hey Carrie,
    Small groups are awesome. Like the band photo. What church do you guys go to?

    Oh, and I added a "follow" link on the side of the page. Just for you. ;) Hope you are LOVING Spring Break!


  2. Hi Rachel1 Yeah, they are. :) We go to Holy Trinity Church (north side congregation). Love the people we've met there! :)

    Thanks for allowing me to follow you!! :D

  3. Yay for cool band photos no one realized were being taken at the time!