April 26, 2010

Sweet Home...

North Carolina

to which I traversed to see...

my sweet sister


who was awesome as Jo March in Little Women,

the coolest character in the play (as the mustache suggests)

as well as the most creative,

and devoted,

and astonishing.  :)

After the play, we enjoyed a few days of Carolina bliss together...

including the best chicken nachos (from 3 Amigos)


the famous 60 cent ice creams from Woodard's

and the delightful views of this tired (but brimming with beauty) town...

complete with our state bird...

and our state flower...

and including the random...

and the old...

Overall, I had a wonderful time,

and was sad to see the sun go down on my last day in North Carolina

Missing them so... sweet home North Carolina...

and the sweet ice cream

but mostly my sweet sister.

Love you, Shel!


  1. Who is that beautiful girl with the brown hair? Oh that's me! Haha, love the pictures. I want to see more.

  2. Doctor Who in Hertford? Well, I guess there are stranger (or more normal?) places he could be... So why not? That would explain a lot, actually... Maybe our mayor (who you typically find roaming Hertford in colonial drab) is actually a time lord!

  3. But it would be so much better if David Tennant visited.

    I miss you too! It won't be long till I'm in Chicago! :)

  4. haha... YES it WOULD! :) Can't wait!!!