May 7, 2010

moving on

Well, here I am... Seven pages away from the next season of my life.  It's almost too surreal to write about.  What can I say?  I'm thankful... to be done, yes, but also to have started.  I can't begin to recount all the wisdom I've had the privilege to hear (oh, that I could actually retain it all!).  I've been waiting for this last day for the last 1500 days, and now I almost wish I could stop time to try to force myself to remember what I've been longing to forget... 
four years full of doctrinal diatribes, scriptural stresses...
and holy hunger.

What's next?

How am I to know?

I just want You.  Help me want You more.  Of what I've been taught, keep fresh in my mind what is true, what is pure, what is lovely, what is worthy of praise...  Help me to let go of anything that is not,
of anything that is not of You.

People are flooding out, moving on.
Help us to go forward, into true life.
Into Your heart.

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