May 25, 2010

A New Addition to the Family...

That's right!  
Congratulate me!  
I'm the proud new mommy of a ...

Canon Rebel T1i

Eric and I went crazy with picture-taking last night.  Though we certainly have tons more to learn about how to make this baby make beautiful pictures, we're so impressed already with the pictures we've taken without the know-how!  Here are a few of my personal favorites...

A view of Chicago's Hancock Tower from our balcony

Me and my (obviously) contented kitty, Eloise

My adoring (and adorable) hubby with a background of a few of his favorite things ;)

 A successful self-portrait!


Reading lesson with Mr. Toad


Again, so much to learn!  But so far we're having fun learning... Hopefully my pictures will appear more regularly now that I have no excuse to keep them to myself.  And hopefully they'll keep getting better as I learn more about my new baby.  :)


  1. I love cameras but still use my little Coolpix. Enjoy this one! The photos are gorgeous!

  2. Hooray--I love the pictures. Good work!

  3. Looks like Mr. Toad was much more awake than I was.