May 28, 2010

If Friends were Flowers...

Yesterday I enjoyed coffee with a friend, Jenna (who took the above picture).  
There are few things as rare and sweet as kindred spirits… Not even my delectable latte or her scrumptious raspberry tart were as tasty as a conversation between budding friends.

Jenna found this delicious cafe, Bittersweet (on Belmont Ave.), and we ate it up!  
(Don't worry - we left some for you, too!)

Please, if you live in Chicago... Next time Starbucks tempts you, come here instead!
Drinks are about the same price, and you can supplement them with ridiculously good goodies.

I love finding unique beauty in the unexpected (and uninspected) places.
(That goes for the food and the friend. :)

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm... it was scrumptious alright--but the conversation was even more so! Can't wait to do it again!