July 27, 2010

The Wicklow Mountains, cont.

Now that all that ooey-gooey romantic stuff is off my mind (till hubby gets home from work, at least!), back to Ireland we go!  Our fourth day on the Isle (second day in Glendalough) proved utterly fantastic, with beautiful scenery at just about every turn.  (So fantastic, in fact, I've found that I can't even squeeze this one day into one post!  I never thought I'd have to split my already double-poster Glendalough experience into a triple-poster!)  

We decided to start the day with a brisk bike ride back to the monastic site, which resulted in these:

Eric looking fine in his protective gear. :)

I'm ready; let's go!

To see a sunny day in Glendalough was absolutely worth the extra time there.

Eric found this aged beauty and had to capture it.

Another charming visitor's center

The Upper Lake of Glendalough

E couldn't resist that lone tree!

(or me, tee hee!)

Shamrocks (which are not the same as 4-leaf clovers, mind!)

After our bike ride, we decided to take the car through Sally's Gap of the Wicklow Mountains 
(in order to get to Powerscourt Gardens, which will have to wait 'til next time!)

An unexpected waterfall!

and it's neighboring valley

I love this man!!!

Now back to the road... But what do mine eyes see???

Sheep!  Yes!  This is the Ireland I've seen pictures of!!!

 "Mustache Man"

(who inadvertently got in the way of this view as we were driving)

Are we there yet?

 Who cares?!?

 Our drive was full of God's creativity

including wandering sheep,

plenty of peat bogs,

 and breathtaking beauty.

Join me next time for the second half of our second half of our stay in the Wicklow Mountains!

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  1. Wow, these pictures just keep getting more beautiful!