August 10, 2010

Powerscourt Gardens

Hello one and all!  I'm afraid I missed my weekly photo-uploading last week, but, lo, I have returned!  I should probably explain myself... You see, my friend, I love my home.  But there is one thing my home does not afford me, one thing that so many people of our culture would consider of utmost importance - nay, even a necessity! - to have in any well-functioning living space.  The Internet.  That's right, folks: when home, I'm totally unconnected with the rest of the world.  I'm actually offline.

Please don't pity me.  You get what you pay for, and I don't pay anything to mosey across the street to the public library or scamper down Division Ave. for some free javalicious wifi at Starbucks.  While I'm not to be pitied, I hope you'll at least understand why these posts are so few and far between these days.  Between work, study, and voluntary novel-reading, I actually find little time to make another trip out just to get online, which unfortunately results in my being able to read your blogs almost as little as I update my own.  Please forgive me for not coming over and leaving my mark more often.  I'll do my best to prioritize Internet time when it comes to me.  In the meantime, please enjoy these photos from our romp through the Powerscourt Gardens of the Wicklow Mountains, from our fourth day in Ireland:

Yes, after a long and winding road through the beautiful countryside (with no end in sight and no accurate maps to tell me when to expect one!), that top left sign was welcome!

Don't blink!
(Sorry, non-Doctor Who fans.)

The GREAT ... Sugarloaf ... MOUNTAIN.

Interesting trees abounded in this garden

as well as photogenic twigs. :)

Definitely want one of these in my yard.


Another beauty spotted by E.

Aren't these flowers interesting?

I didn't notice the large sunspot in the photo before...

Good thing I found the restrooms earlier!



Powerscourt House

Mrs. Duck

Innocent Irish children

Not-quite-so-innocent Irish children

The Pet Cemetery.  Yes.


Loved this one: "also his wife Magic" :)

Such productive cows!

"When the body that lived at your single will
With its whimper of welcome is still, how still,
When the spirit that answers your every mood
Is gone wherever it goes for good"

The Dolphin Fountain

Oh right, we're in a garden, aren't we?

The Mermaid Fountain

Overlooking the Powerscourt Gardens before we leave...

Pretty sweet patio!

And while we had much to do and many places yet to go in Ireland, there was one thing we definitely needed to take to heart for this trip.  We needed to take it...

And the same to you, until next time!


  1. So beautiful!!! My favorite is the angel overlooking the hills--it really speaks to me.

  2. Sigh! I want to go to Ireland! Right now!