November 12, 2010

From My Journal...

                                                                                                                                                May 19, 2005

I feel that my heart is beating so deeply that it would beat right out of my chest, could it, after the matter, keep beating, keep loving.  Dare I confess that I adore him, that I love him?  For once I cannot refrain from admitting so.

To walk through meadows adorned with white wildflowers with him, to ride the wings of the breeze, skimming across the salty waters of the sea.  To bathe in the moonlight with him, fairies kissing our fingers and toes, fireflies dancing as though they they, too, were in love as he and I are in love.

Dare I imagine such beauty in his company?

I'm so glad I dared.

My marriage is not a fairy tale, as my love-strung words may have anticipated.  It is far more beautiful than I could imagine then, than I can express even now.  I thank God for this man and all the magic and love he has filled my heart with for the past five years.  When I wrote those words, I knew him then only as I know some of you now.  
But God works in mysterious ways, so they say...

 Perfect photos taken by Casey Jo Jenkins of J9 Photography in Indiana.


  1. Beautiful! You've brought a smile to my face. =)

  2. . . . and you've also made me want to re-take our wedding pix. If I can just bite the bullet and let go of a couple hundred dollars--oh, and get over the fact that I am EXTREMELY camera shy . . . =)

  3. I love you too! This made me happy all day.

  4. This is gorgeous. So happy for you guys :)

  5. Awwww...I love how poetic that journal entry was. "Fairies kissing our fingers and toes..." :)

    The pictures are gorgeous, and I can't wait to have been married for FIVE years!!! :) I'm at five months right now...

  6. Me too, Linnea! We've only been married for about 4.4 years. ;) But we met in person for the first time just over 5 years ago, before which we were only xanga/aim profiles to each other. ;)

  7. Beautiful photos! Such a sweet tale of love that is true!