May 13, 2011

Music Poureth Forth!

Hello my friends,

I've been doing some extra work lately on my music site (including some new videos!) , so I'd be thrilled if you'd stop by

In other musical news, my lovely musical companions Eric and Jenna will be joining me once more at CityGrounds Coffee Bar in Lincoln Park (507 W. Dickens, to be precise) this Saturday (yes, tomorrow!) night at 7pm.  We're adding three new songs to the mix in addition to the three new songs we brought last time, so if you haven't been to see us in a while ... or ever, for that matter ... I think you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised. 

Lastly, I'm so happy to announce that after months and months of soul- and word-searching, we've finally chosen a band name!  Let there be much rejoicing!!!  However, before we make the big announcement, we really need to get our new website up to a reasonable standard of beauty and maneuverability.  So... while I pine away in Wordpress for Dummies, I hope you'll listen to one of our newest additions to the setlist, a beautiful lullaby composed by the lovely Jenna Satterthwaite (who is also singing that beautiful harmony!), which we debuted at CityGrounds in April and got this live recording of:


  1. I am SO behind in reading. I will have to check out your site again! Couldn't get this one to play. :-(

    Sure would be nice to be able to subscribe to comments, too. ;-)

  2. I had the pleasure of listening to this song on Jenna's website not long ago. What a treat to listen to it again!